The continuing and hugely worrying global pandemic has impacted everyone, some on a more personal visceral level and for others in ways that may be causing additional stress, anxiety or even symptoms of depression.

Medical science and neuroscience have revealed how prolonged periods of stress and anxiety can have devastating effects on our health, relationships and finances. We may smoke, drink or use recreational drugs excessively, we may eat too much or too little, cause arguments, upsets and misunderstandings, or spend more online or resort to gambling in ways to seek relief from the feelings that the current situation is posing.
Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing and refreshing alternative that can connect you to all your inner resources so that destructive and self-sabotaging behaviours can be overcome. A far safer and healthier alternative to some of the coping strategies mentioned already in this post.

It’s ok to be apprehensive about going out just now. Some clients have reported symptoms related to the pandemic itself. Symptoms that they hadn’t really had before. These have included agoraphobia, social anxiety and a sense of hopelessness linked to months of isolation and the wider impact of the current situation that we are facing. As a student hypnotherapist, you and I will work together to find the ways in which you can stop things from getting even worse and to start to heal. Additionally, the trance-like state of hypnotherapy is a very soothing and deeply relaxing experience that can contribute to a renewed sense of focus and wellbeing to support you through these difficult times and in the future.

Advice on social distancing, changing patterns of work and the spectre of local or even national lockdowns due to spikes or the anticipated ‘second wave’ have seen many therapists unable to fully open up their face-to-face sessions just yet. For those that have, some are reporting clients are fearful to return. My practice provides online therapy which has proven to be very successful.

My Solution-focused hypnotherapy practice can be accessed via zoom meetings. Sessions last up to an hour and the techniques are in a set format so you will feel comforted and prepared to enable yourself to relax.

The benefits of being registered with the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy) during the lockdown has meant that I have had the very latest access to the training, research, guidance, techniques and support to deliver an effective and up to the minute online therapy service.

Online therapy services can be a huge bonus to you if you are feeling a tinge of anxiety about getting out and about again, or maybe you are short of the time it takes to get back and forth from a face to face service? Or maybe you are too far away from the services or have mobility issues and therefore would find the online service more accessible and inclusive?

Just as many clients are anticipating the return of their face- to- face sessions, many more are reporting feeling even more relaxed in their own familiar surroundings. Everyone is unique.

Accessing the benefits of solution-focused therapeutic techniques can help us to uncover a happier, calmer more confident you.
Get in touch now for your no-obligation initial consultation for my online therapy service. What do you have to lose? Michelle Morris July 2020.