Happy New Year!

Have you hit a brick wall with your resolutions, goal or ambitions for this year already? Perhaps you are trying to change your situation too quickly or without understanding how you found yourself in need of the change or goal in the first place?

If this sounds familiar, its time to step back and relax for a few minutes and read on.

Remember, words paint pictures. That is a given. Imagine for a moment or two just lying on lounger on a favourite sun filled beach, or by a pool with a cool drink in hand. It’s a beautiful day, and just as perfect as you would want it to be. You can picture it, just from these words.


Close your eyes and the imagery may be even more vivid.

Therapeutic metaphors are a technique I use within my Therapy sessions to help my clients in the process of personal healing, stress reduction, and to promote personal growth.

And through #neuroscience evidence we know that #imagination is a vital ingredient in the firing of neural pathways.

By painting a picture within the mind which involves both the consciousness and unconscious of the client, metaphors can promote change, providing new insights. While deeply relaxed the mind can reassess experience in a safe way to develop new lines of meaning. Engaging in this way, clients can find it easier to overcome any difficulties and to find solutions.

Metaphors are very powerful when the client is in  a relaxed and focused state (hypnosis) and brain wave activity is changed.

Tips for getting you back on track:

  1. Take deep breaths. If you ever feel burdened or stressed, take deep breaths ,close your eyes and go to your calm place in your mind. This sends a powerful message to the amygdala (the brain’s panic button) that everything is ok and you are allowing yourself to relax. the mind will respond favourably!
  2. Remember that hypnotic trance is very ordinary in many ways, much akin to a daydream. It’s function is to help us to process emotional content and store it as narrative information that we are much more able to cope with calmly and efficiently.
  3. Practice gratitude. When feeling overwhelmed, burdened or stressed remember a few things that you are grateful for. This can be empowering and enable us to understand that our feelings of uncomfortableness, unease or stress are temporary and impacted by negative thinking,
  4. Get creative. Doing something that helps the mind to focus on an activity you enjoy can work wonders for your mental wellbeing. Baking bread, knitting, martial arts, painting, cooking, gardening, running ,it doesn’t matter, as long as it is a positive experience that allows a space for your potential to be nurtured. If you only have a few minutes to spare, do it anyway!

You will be pleasantly surprised by the effects!

If you would like to know more, or feel you know someone who may benefit from my services, please feel free to contact me.