For optimum health and well being we all know how important a healthier weight is for everyone. For many people, yo-yo dieting is a heartbreaking reality. Losing the weight seems to be the easier part but maintaining a healthy weight thereafter is where many fail time and again. This puts unnecessary stress and strain on the body and is not a healthy way of being.
Have you ever wondered why diets often fail? After all, I’m guessing that if you are reading this you will know you have become somewhat of an expert around diets and nutrition. You probably have an educated and fairly accurate guess at the calorie, fat and sugar content of many foods and drinks. You will perhaps understand your BMI and know what the healthy range is. I knew all of this too and still failed every time. So, with all this experience and expertise, why are your weight loss successes short-lived or too difficult to maintain? What is the science behind yo-yo dieting?

Having wardrobes filled with clothes in a broad range of sizes will probably sound familiar to many of you. Do you have your ‘skinny’ clothes and your ‘fat’ clothes? I spent most of my adult life struggling with my weight issues. I would follow a diet and exercise regime, lose weight only to find that I would end up putting it all back on, and more! This went on for so many years that I had become despondent about it. I was unhappy.

During the time I was retraining as a therapist, I had what I can now describe as an epiphany. As I gained the knowledge and understanding around how the mind works, the different parts and functions of the brain, this knowledge unlocked the key to successfully managing my weight in a way which is far healthier and happier.
Discovering the recent developments in neuroscience and how we can use these developments to help to manage weight issues using Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, has been truly inspirational. I can now enjoy food in a way that I hadn’t been able to before and my clothes are in fewer sizes! This has changed my life and gives me the confidence of a better future free from the shackles of the scales or cripplingly expensive diet and exercise programmes.

Maintaining a healthy weight is such a joyful experience, it has changed my life for the better. I never want to feel the way I felt before as I watched the scales creep up then fall only to shoot back up again a few short weeks or months later. Success feels infinitely better!

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can change the way you feel about your weight and can help you to enjoy your achievements which are key factors in successful and sustainable weight management. In just a few short sessions of us working together, you can begin to feel the benefits of the psychotherapeutic and hypnotic relaxation techniques and your goals can become clearer and more achievable and you may even experience other areas of your life beginning to improve.

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Michelle Morris July 2020.